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If you have a passion for horses, this is the game for you! This game won’t allow you to participate in any of the activities if the horse’s needs are not met. Giving your horse a good brushing to clear away a day’s worth of trail dust is turned into a fun minigame that you will actually look forward to. This game gives you full control over your new steed from the start. An amazing 7 breeds are available for you to choose from, including exotic choices such as zebras and unicorns.

The game doesn’t make you wait to unlock these fantastic creatures; you may start your equestrian career with them if you like. Markings, colors and even personality are also customizable at the start of the game.

Choose the horse personality that appeals to you the most, from high jumpers to speed demons. This game has it all! The customization doesn’t stop there. As you progress through the game, new items may be purchased from the shop, both for your horse and the rider. These premium items give the horse and rider a totally unique look! The graphics in Planet Horse are lush and vibrant, which is perfect for this type of simulation game. You will really feel like you are out enjoying nature on horseback.

The sound effects are also well chosen, further giving the illusion of peaceful, idyllic nature scenes. Your horse will also huff and puff during physically demanding activities, just like a real horse. You will select a specific horse personality complete with a built in aptitude for certain activities, but that’s only a starting point for your horse’s education. Skills may be leveled up through trial and error, leading to a stronger, more rounded steed.

Everything in this game is controlled by mouse clicks, making this game easy and natural to interact with. You will enjoy navigating your horse with the simplicity of clicking the mouse. Choose between cross country events, show jumping and free riding. I found this game to be fun and a challenge. I love the graphics and the way it is set up. I show my horse and this is a great way to challenge yourself and learn at the same time.

It is kind of hard at first but as you level up and stay calm and work your way through it, it seems to get easy and you get the feel of the game.

I would recommend this game to all ages. My favorite animal is a zebra. When I found out that it had a zebra, I was so happy! This game could have more breeds and coat colors, but that doesn’t prevent it from being fun!

You can enter competitions, do jumping, go for trail rides, and so much more! This game is SO cool! I totally reccomend it! This game is awesome. It’s realistic, it’s fun. The scenery is awe-inspiring. The making of the game is amazing. It would be more fun if you could breed.. I hoped for Appaloosas. I would have liked to be able to costumize the facial features of your rider, but still, it’s awesome. Overall, I’d give it 5 Stars, for sure! You’ll definatly find it more enjoyable if you’re a horse lover, duh.

Bullet Gorgeous graphics Incredible action Saddle up for adventure! Planet Horse 5 out of 5 based on 65 user ratings. USD 6. A Beautiful Game. A Nice Surprise! Great, but you will get cramps. If you like horse’s and want a challenge this game is for you. In Love with the game. LOVE the zebra! My Planet Horse Review. Google Vkontakte Facebook.

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Download planet horse full version from this page. It is a free game for everyone who wants to spend a relaxing day on the horse. In the game you will find beautiful landscapes, three modes and many levels of difficulty.

Download the latest version of Planet Horse for Windows.. Planet Horse is a horse riding game in which you can enjoy nature and. Download Planet Horse for Mac for free. Do you want to ride a horse?. Planet Horse is a horse riding game in which you can enjoy nature and horses from your. You can download Planet Horse on your iOS device right here, right now! It’s safe and completely free. No need to pay for installation or. Download planet horse free full version for pc Planet Horse is one of the best and popular games of all time.

It was created by Amigo mobile, and it was the pioneer of the genre of physics based games. An alternative name of this game is Racing Mania. Download planet horse for free, and use the downloaded version without any limitations.

Your goal is to provide the greatest amount of money to the owner of a horse. Only do that by racing on different levels, grabbing the best prizes and using the available abilities.

It is a game that simulates a horseback ride with great physics-based simulation and amazing graphics. Let’s take a ride with a beautiful landscape, and have fun at the same time. Download the latest version of Planet Horse for Mac.. To download click on download and install, or. Profil A rejoint le : 18 mai Blog Comments. Blog Likes. Use tab to navigate through the menu items.


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