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Prototype 2 Free Download Repacklab Prototype 2 Free Download stylized as is a open world action-adventure video game. Versions for…. Separate versions of the games became available in August The game features a new protagonist, James Heller, as he goes on a quest to destroy the Blacklight virus. The story is one of revenge, as Heller wants to kill Alex Mercer, protagonist of the original Prototype, after his family was killed in the outbreak of the Blacklight virus.

While the game was a top seller for a period of time, its sales would eventually result in the downsizing of its developer. James Heller on his quest to destroy Alex Mercer, after having lost everything and everyone he loved to the Blacklight virus.

James Heller returns to the city, once his home, following his dismissal from a war in the Middle East. He discovers that his wife and daughter have been killed, sending him into a downward spiral of grief and rage.

He heads out on a suicide mission into the heart of the Red Zone with the intention of dying in action and taking as many abominations as he can with him. The gameplay of Prototype 2 is similar to the first game. However the Musclemass ability has been replaced by the new Tendril power. Combat, movement and dodging system have been improved substantially. Another remarkable ability known as Biobomb can be used to cause large scale destruction of multiple targets.

The environment is much richer, featuring greater destructibility, improved visual quality and variety, weather effects, and a wider range of actions and animations for NPCs, among other things. The arsenal has been upgraded with a variety of new weapons, which Heller will be able to use by stripping them from the vehicles they are attached to.

Injustice 2. The destructive new Tendrils. The power selection wheel has also been upgraded, players will now be able to assign two powers for quick access and switch between them in a heated battle.

The side quests and the Web of Intrigue have been integrated into the main storyline. Consuming a WoI target starts a new mission, related to Blackwatch or Gentek. A new type of Collectables called Blackbox.

Collecting the full set for a region will reward players with a mutation. The Hives from Prototype have been upgraded and are now known as Infected lairs, which are located around the city. By entering and destroying the infected inside a lair, mutations can be gained which can be used to upgrade Heller. Mutations can also be gained by completing Blacknet sets, which are missions unlocked by hacking into Blacknet, the communications network of Blackwatch.

The whole city is now split into three zones and each zone consists of different districts. In the Green Zone, Blackwatch and the US Marine Corps have set up a safe zone here for survivors where normal life continues despite the disaster. The Yellow Zone serves as a shelter for survivors is present here, but a close infected threat demands intense martial law be in place. Gentek and Blackwatch continue their experiments on the infected in this zone, but make sure to keep the citizens unaware of it.

Finally, the Red Zone, a vicious war zone, with the Blacklight abominations locked in constant battle with Blackwatch. A fight ensues between the two, leading Heller attacking Mercer multiple times only to be thrown back. Impressed by his actions, Mercer infects Heller with his own strain of the Blacklight virus as he believed him to be the perfect lieutenant in spreading the virus beyond Manhattan.

Blackwatch and Gentek were using New York for testing bio-weapons. City of Broken Dreamers. One year after the events of the first game, U. Marine Sergeant James Heller, after returning from touring in Iraq, discovers his wife and daughter to be declared dead, causing him to rejoin the military in the fight for NYZ against the Blacklight virus.

He later finds that Alex Mercer the main protagonist in the first game has now lost faith in humanity and begins chasing him.

Pursuing Mercer for vengeance, Heller is infected by Mercer with a strain that imbues him with similar superhuman abilities. Anton Koenig and Blackwatch Col. Douglas Rooks are experimenting on him.

Revealing his plans to take down Gentek and Blackwatch, Mercer offers a truce to Heller. Prototype 1. Delivered by FeedBurner. Telephone Your telephone number is opetional. Search for:. Prototype 2 Free Download Repacklab.

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