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Archived from the original on Raw SmackDown Live. Reigns alleged that there was a conspiracy against royl. Adam Copeland Edge archive footage. Читать полностью the match, Cena thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their hospitality, and expressed excitement over the event. The match generally features 30 wrestlers. The Revival for a shot at the vacant Raw Tag Titles”.


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Plus, Reigns’s ultimate victory in such a WM scenario would be far too easy for fans to telegraph, and getting the crowd behind that would perhaps be a bridge too far. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, of course. He can’t possibly do it. He just might. WWE has bet the farm on Reigns, the chiselled-jaw superhero-in-waiting, and probably the most prototypical brainchild of Vince McMahon since Hulk Hogan.

Reigns bathed in the shine of The Shield faction when he first joined the main roster, but his natural star power fizzled out during a regrettable year when his push appeared to come at the expense of Daniel Bryan’s.

But despite its unfortunate miscalculation of fan opinion during the Royal Rumble, WWE deserves credit for bridging divided opinions on Reigns. Booking angle: Reigns being forced to enter at number one makes sense from a kayfabe point of view, seeing as his boss wants him to be rid of the strap.

But a win from such a position would require a herculean athletic performance, which for a man of Reigns’s size and stamina seems tricky to do effectively, but if achieved, such a brutal endeavour could win the crowd over. The biggest reason to doubt his odds, however, is that there are many ways to get Reigns into the WrestleMania main event, and this is probably the least likely to win him sympathy. Next we’re featuring a strong line-up led by one potential entrant who has unparalleled main event experience, followed by a group of popular upper-mid-carders who are on the cusp of reaching that brass ring.

If The Undertaker is free to retire on his terms, and if WrestleMania 32 will be his last stage, and since the option of a final match with Sting or Cena is off the table, then it’s perfectly permissible that the closing three-month run of this wrestling idol will come with the championship at the heart of the story. That’s a lot of ifs, but considering WWE has lost so much key talent to injury recently, the company may feel it needs to double-down on its most loyal servant.

Irwin R Schyster’s cult-leader son has huffed and puffed for two years in pursuit of main event stardom, getting desperately close in the process, though his momentum has stuttered at crucial moments due to not going over against the likes of John Cena and The Undertaker.

The fundamentals are there nevertheless, and Wyatt has a trio of acolytes who can help make his ascension work from a kayfabe point-of-view. I know what you’re thinking, and that you’re mentally picturing Ziggler’s unedifying exit from last year’s Rumble. But if Rey Mysterio can win it in against a roster laced with Hall of Fame talent, then Ziggler can still have his moment in the mid-card era.

There would certainly be more of a chance for both these IWC favourites had they not been booked for the most important singles match of the night. But as Vince likes to remind us, anything can happen. Next up, seven wrestlers whose victory at the Royal Rumble would be considered a major surprise.

Most of these entrants probably won’t even feature at the show. That’s not to say they couldn’t carry the torch if it was handed to them. It can’t happen.

I’m sorry, it shouldn’t happen. Not only is there a political and potential legal issue with letting Bryan wrestle against the advice of a respected WWE-contracted doctor, such a move would also lead to a booking nightmare.

If he competes, anything other than a win would sour the crowd and potentially trigger Royal Rumble match engulfed in boos for the third consecutive year. Potentially worse, if he wins, WWE’s flagship WrestleMania event will hinge on a wrestler who could fall injured at any minute. WWE has been wise to not feature Bryan in recent shows, even backstage. The slightest hope of his involvement can only lead to more shattered dreams. Considering that The Great One’s involvement at WrestleMania is still a matter for debate it’s not guaranteed that he’ll compete in a match , a spot in this year’s Rumble seems far-fetched.

An unadvertised appearance, more to the point, would be unfathomably careless for the wily businessman in charge of the company.

Perhaps it’s a little unfair on Jericho, who has stated that he will compete in the Royal Rumble match, to suggest his victory would be an outright shock. But the semi-retired wrestler’s recent appearances on RAW have hardly booked him as an entrant to take too seriously.

More to the point, he’s also stated that he won’t be competing at WrestleMania. Make no mistake, AJ Styles is a widely respected veteran indie wrestler who could carry a WrestleMania main event right now. But his imminent introduction to WWE’s audience, which is a complex mix of hardcore and casual fans, seems unfeasible as champion by the end of day one. Had this wonderfully talented Bulgarian been booked differently in the past year, Rusev could have been a real contender.

Let’s not forget that a potential match against Lesnar was a semi-frequent topic of debate in the months building to WrestleMania His agonising slide to the mid-card, his appalling love-triangle storyline, and his luckless injury, has led to his momentum falling off a cliff. Goliath encounter”, rated 6 out of 10, and the women’s title match was described as “unexceptional” with a poor ending, rated 3 out of The pre-show match was also rated 3 out of 10, described as a “snorefest” and a “mess”.

Lastly, Powell described AJ Styles’ re-debut as “one of the highlights of the night”, and noted the positive crowd responses to Becky Lynch and Damien Sandow. Dave Scherer of PWInsider wrote that the opening match for the Intercontinental Championship was “an awesome spectacle, with really good psychology mixed in” as “it felt like they hated each other”.

Scherer added that the tag title match was “a lot of fun”, and the United States title match “good, if you can appreciate Lucha “, otherwise “a lot of Kalisto’s offense isn’t believable”. Scherer expressed mild disappointment towards the Divas Championship match, writing that it was not an ” NXT style match”, and described Ric Flair forcibly kissing Becky Lynch as “sexual assault”. For the Royal Rumble match, Scherer, according to him, noted that the booking of the match turned the crowd against Roman Reigns, writing that ” Vince thought he booked [the Rumble] for the people to cheer for Reigns”, but that “the Orlando crowd made Triple H the “face”.

Scherer added that he was not surprised at Triple H’s entry and win of the main event. James Montgomery of Rolling Stone wrote that “the Royal Rumble was an entertaining show, paced by the battle royal and bolstered by its undercard”. He described the opening match as “a thoroughly entertaining I. He described the United States Championship bout as “a hard-hitting match that featured a great false finish”, and expressed his desire for Kalisto to have “an extended run” with it.

For the Royal Rumble match, Montgomery wrote that it was a “pretty good Rumble. Storylines began and advanced. However, he expressed disappointment at the use of Brock Lesnar in the match and added that “Triple H’s victory at the Royal Rumble will no doubt cool some folks’ reactions to the event as a whole”.

Just a nonstop battle capturing the story of this feud” and rating it as 4 and a quarter stars out of five. Caldwell rated the tag-team title match at 2 and a quarter stars out of five, describing it as “an up-and-down match with the main issue of no reason to view New Day as heels”. He gave the United States Championship match 2 and three-quarters out of 5, calling it as a “solid, unspectacular singles match”, and wrote that the Divas Championship match “was more of a bridge to what was next” in reference to the appearance of Sasha Banks.

Caldwell gave the Rumble main event 3 and three-quarters out of 5, commenting that there were “overall, too many downpoints for this year’s Rumble hurting some up-points”. He wrote that “the Rumble started really well, got ridiculous in the middle with the now-annual compromise of the Rumble, and ended with the crowd not sure what to do with the players in the mix outside of Ambrose”.

Will Pruett of Pro Wrestling Dot Net described the event as “a delightful show from beginning to end”. The Rumble match was described as “very fun” and the best since Pruett raised questions over the booking of Roman Reigns, noting that he “failed to truly be heroic” twice at the event.

In comparison, Pruett felt that Triple H came across being the “conquering hero” and “avenging party” in the storyline against Reigns.

Regarding Dean Ambrose, Pruett felt he “was presented as more of a star on this show than he has been in a long time”, commenting that “unlike Roman Reigns, who walked away, Ambrose fought hard and still kept fighting to the end”.

He described the opening match between Ambrose and Owens as “insane”. Pruett wrote that the re-debuting AJ Styles “instantly seemed like he fit on the roster”, but noted that he was “not presented in the upper echelon of WWE”. For other matches, Pruett called Kalisto’s win “a major surprise”; while lamenting that “the lines of the WWE women’s division were blurred once again” as to who fans should support between Sasha Banks and Charlotte after their post-match antics.

While not “one of the greatest”, it achieved two “key things that any good Rumble should”: firstly helping to “advance or create undercard storylines heading into Wrestlemania”, secondly helping to “generate a handful of legitimate title contenders for the year to follow”: Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.

For the negatives, Johnson highlighted storyline irregularities: Triple H winning cleanly without any “underhanded advantage”; Reigns “voluntarily” leaving a title match, returning later “not selling any injuries whatsoever”, the League of Nations not eliminating Reigns; and no Lesnar rampage post-elimination. Hall of Famer Bret Hart gave a strongly negative appraisal of the show, ranking the match as “one of the least exciting” in history, and the overall event as perhaps “the worst Royal Rumble”.

The Usos had another confrontation with the New Day, after the latter team interrupted the Usos’ cousin, The Rock , who appeared on the January 25 episode of Raw. The Usos forced the trio into the ring, where The Rock attacked each member with his signature moves. The two shook hands after the match but Jericho refused to release Styles’ hand while giving him a staredown before leaving. Jericho defeated Styles on the episode of SmackDown of the following week, giving Styles his first loss since the Rumble.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch additionally faced each other on the January 25 episode of Raw in a match which ended in disqualification after Charlotte attacked them. D members Naomi and Tamina attacked her, turning her face in the process. Lynch helped Banks fend off Naomi and Tamina leading to a temporary and uneasy alliance between the two. Also, on the same night Charlotte lost a non-title match to Brie Bella by roll-up.

This led to a title match between the two for the Divas Championship scheduled for Fastlane, in which Charlotte won it. The Royal Rumble was the last Royal Rumble event to occur before the reintroduction of the brand extension in July, which again split the roster between the Raw and SmackDown brands, where wrestlers were exclusively assigned to perform.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WWE pay-per-view and livestreaming event. Promotional poster featuring John Cena. Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Retrieved April 9, The Rumble is currently estimated at 32, domestic buys, a number less than SummerSlam and Night of Champions, as well as another 59, buys outside of North America. The international drop was 49 percent, going from , buys for the Rumble to 59, this year. Retrieved Slam Wrestling. Canadian Online Explorer. Retrieved June 6, Discovery Communications.

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Paul Levesque Triple H. Joe Anoa’i Roman Reigns. Jonathan Good Dean Ambrose. Styles AJ Styles. Kevin Steen Kevin Owens. Sasha Banks Sasha Banks. Ashley Fliehr Charlotte. Rebecca Quin Becky Lynch. Perry Barnyashev Lana as C.

Miroslav Barnyashev Rusev. Terry Brunk Sabu archive footage. Thaddeus Bullard Titus O’Neil. Carlos Cabrera Carlos Cabrera. Mark Calaway The Undertaker archive footage. Anthony Carelli Santino Marella archive footage. Mike Chioda Mike Chioda. John Cone John Cone. Adam Copeland Edge archive footage. Kevin Dunn. More like this. Storyline Edit.

Did you know Edit. Alternate versions In the original airing, there was a spot in which Ric Flair forced a kiss on Becky Lynch’s mouth. User reviews 4 Review. Featured review.

The Saudi prospects attacked and cleared the Daivari brothers from the ring. During the match, Nakamura resorted to various illegal tactics, such as a low blow, increasingly frustrating Styles. In the end, both Nakamura and Styles fought outside of the ring, only for the match to end in a double countout. After the match, Styles performed a Phenomenal Forearm to the floor on Nakamura. At the end of the match, Undertaker performed a chokeslam on Rusev and rolled him into the casket.

Before Undertaker could close the casket, English attacked Undertaker, who retaliated with another chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver before putting English into the casket alongside Rusev and closing it for the victory. Lesnar attempted another F-5, but Reigns countered with three Superman Punches. After a failed attempt of a Spear, Reigns tried to escape, but Lesnar puts him the ring again after a struggle on a cage wall. Then, Lesnar tries to escape, but Reigns puts him in the ring again with a Powerbomb.

Reigns crashes Lesnar to some cage walls and performed three Spears for a near-fall. As Reigns tried to escape through the door, Heyman pushed the door into Reigns allowing Lesnar to execute a second F-5 on Reigns for a near-fall.

In the end, as Lesnar tried to attack Reigns with a chair thrown into the cage by Heyman, Reigns performed a combo on Lesnar composed by a fourth Spear, chair shots, a fourth Superman Punch and a fifth Spear through a cage wall. As Reigns touched the floor first, the referee awarded the win to Lesnar retaining the Universal Championship. Titus O’Neil entered at No.

Bryan survived until the final three, beating Rey Mysterio for the longest time spent in a single Royal Rumble match of all time at an hour and sixteen minutes. In the end, Big Cass eliminated Bryan and attempted a big boot on Braun Strowman , who countered and eliminated Cass to win the match. Strowman also achieved the most eliminations of a single Royal Rumble match at 13, beating out a record previously held by Roman Reigns with WWE had been criticized for holding the event without female wrestlers, who were unable to perform at the event due to the limited rights women have in Saudi Arabia.

While women are not competing in the event, we have had discussions about that and hope that, in the next few years they will be”. Associated Press noted that this is due to “a series of social changes” by the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The Saudi General Sports Authority issued an apology for “indecent material” that aired at the event.

In addition to the women, wrestler Sami Zayn did not participate in the event as Zayn is of Syrian descent, and Saudi Arabia has strained relations with Syria. On the Raw after the event, a storyline excuse was given in where Sami was suffering from vertigo given to him by Bobby Lashley and therefore couldn’t compete. Another subject of criticism was the situation of LGBT rights in Saudi Arabia , as in Saudi Arabia homosexual intercourse is illegal and can be punished by death. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula , a militant group offshoot of Al-Qaeda in Yemen , issued a warning to bin Salman and criticized the WWE event stating that “Disbelieving wrestlers exposed their privates and on most of them was the sign of the cross, in front of a mixed gathering of young Muslim men and women.

The corruptors did not stop at that, for every night musical concerts are being announced, as well as movies and circus shows. According to The Sportster , “the likelihood is that nothing that took place in the main event will have any effect on anything once WWE arrives back in the United States and resume normal service. The base design was similar to the current design of the WWE Championship introduced in , with some differences.

Like the WWE Championship belt and other belts introduced since , the Greatest Royal Rumble Championship belt contained two side plates, both separated by gold divider bars, with removable round sections that could be replaced with the current champion’s logo; the default plates showed the official logo of Saudi General Sports Authority , which is identical to the national emblem of Saudi Arabia.

The plates were on a green leather strap resembling the color of the national flag of Saudi Arabia.

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